My name is Kristin and I am a self-taught silversmith currently located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

My Journey 

   Two weeks after we welcomed our baby boy into the world, my partner and I packed up our bags and moved to the city. Prior to that we lived in a tiny country town up north called Cedar (only a stone throw’s away from Lake Michigan).

  The move was a BIG change, and having a child doubled it. For those first few months we mostly just survived. I very quickly learned how to function with hardly any sleep. And I was losing it.

   But I felt a metamorphosis brewing. Sleepless nights, a new place to dwell in, and a mind altering experience of birth trauma and motherhood pushed me closer to this deep calling to create.

  So, I did what any sleep deprived, new mother would do: teach myself a new hobby. And this hobby was everything to me. It challenged me, healed me, and ultimately redefined how I saw myself. 

   While change is difficult for anyone, it is where we experience the most growth. For me, to create is to redirect my energy and quiet my mind (the stillness isn’t found in many places for me). And what I happen to create is art that you can adorn yourself with. 

   I imagine, design, and craft each piece lovingly by hand. I consider myself lucky to be able to do this. And I love to share my art process. Please feel free to follow along this journey with me and I hope we connect.